Mara Research Journal of Energy Technology (MRJET)


Mara Research Journal of Energy Technology (MRJET) is an international multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed platform that aims to be an authoritative source of information for analyses, reviews and evaluations related to energy and emerging energy technologies.

Its main objective is to reach all researchers, scientists, engineers, technology developers, planners and policy makers working in the areas of energy management, policy, production, conversion, efficiency, conservation, systems, storage technologies and applications, and their impact on the environment and sustainable development; renewable energy sources, solar photovoltaic, wind energy, biomass and bioenergy, electricity supply and demand, energy storage, energy in buildings, and on economic and policy issues.

The coverage of the journal includes all sorts of researches on thermal science, fluid mechanics, energy and environment, power system and automation, power electronic, high voltage and pulse power, sustainable energy as well as other energy issues.

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