Mara Research Journal of Architecture & Built Environment (MRJABE)


Mara Journal of Architecture and Built Environment (MRJABE) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research papers, case studies, review articles to foster scholarly research in the field of architecture, and built environment as well as their implications in current and future best practices. The journal aims to be the conduit between theory and practice in the arenas of architecture research, and urban planning and built environment studies. The subject area covered include: architecture theory, sustainable built environment, architectural history, urban design and planning, and building structure.

The key objective of the journal is to set the platform of pioneer research practices and to promote the research and innovations intended to create a sustainable built environment for the future. Built Environment research is about cities, people, places, property, buildings, design, infrastructure, environment, landscapes, institutions, and the complex interactions between them. The journal is rigorously peer-reviewed and accepts only novel original manuscripts.

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