About Us



Mara Research Journals (MRJ) is a leader in making quality academic and R&D publications available to professionals in a diverse range of industries, from education, science, agriculture to health care to engineering. Our contributors are all highly experienced in their fields and come from all around the globe. All submissions are reviewed by our editorial team to insure the highest standards and quality.

We uphold the most exacting standards championed by the industry and we value our role in endorsing today’s creativity, innovations, technological and scientific breakthroughs, and making them available to the wide public. We support and encourage contributions that are singular, avant-garde, and multidisciplinary. Our aim is to provide a universal platform for authors to bridge the promotional gaps they may face in pursuit of an audience that is truly global. Our outstanding editorial board is here to ensure excellent, sweeping results in the publication of your treasured, progressive work including earliest possible turn-around time.

Our Mission

To promote the interests and growth of scientists, circulate & enhance academic awareness and publish high quality research. Our journals are fully available of the Internet where researchers and readers have 24/7 access to our quality articles.

Why Publish With Us?

  • Publication of quality research Articles.

  • Shorter reviewing and publishing time.

  • Promotion of research value.

  • Recognition and Acceptance of Research Work.

  • Publication based on the “Peer Review” model.

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